DBL now features both Earth Mined, and now Lab Grown Diamonds! Lab grown diamonds have been selling for years- we waited till we could bring something special to the table. The newest, and very much improved Fancy Colored (and colorless) Lab Grown Diamonds, hand picked by us are just that - hand picked. We have the perfect sources for exactly what we need.

Yes - colorless, but more exclusively we have exotic pinks and blues in fancy shapes and larger sizes. And our growers have enough Pink and Blue Lab Grown diamonds for us to pick and choose the very best ones. The blues are to die for! The shades of blue are rather consistent. Pink is a more difficult color to achieve in the manufacturing process. We select only the best pinks - even then, most will have a bit of orange. You'll also find a few pure pink ones.....

In terms of the colorless stones- they're amazing. We carry only the finest makes, and we can supply any shape and size. It is great to have super well cut radiant cuts again since The Original Radiant cut went off the market. We can supply Lab Grown side diamonds, pavé stones, tennis bracelets, earrings - you name it.

If it's got our name on it the quality of the jewelry is something to be proud of - Earth Mined, or Lab Grown.