About Diamonds by Lauren

Diamonds by Lauren operates out of New York City’s diamond district with a small but knowledable team of experts. David, founder and president, who named the company after his daughter Lauren, recieved training from some of the world’s most prestigious diamond companies.

From spending eight hours a day grading diamonds from 1976-1980, to working filling orders for a the world's largest diamond seller in 1981-1983. Eventually he got a job as an on-the-road diamond salesman. It all led to him, to starting Rock Diamond Corp in 1998. David’s wealth of experience, and connections at the highest levels of the busiess allowed him to source the highest quality diamonds at prices low enough that he could sell them to major jewlery stores.

Why Buy from Us

Today we still have acess to the very best diamonds, at inside prices.  David assembled a team of customer service representatives to allow the very finest personal service. Every person who buys a diamond or diamonds from us gets superstar treatment. We strive to make sure you are completely satisfied and will issue a refund if you are not.

We own most of the diamonds we sell, which is why we’re able to photograph them. All of the images you see on our site are of the actual diamonds or jewelry we have made or sold. We believe that trust is an integral part of the diamond selection process, and we’ll ensure that you have it before you make an online purchase.

You might wonder “Who the heck spends thousands of dollars on a ring they saw on the Internet?!” In our case, our honesty and positive, productive relationship with our customers answers that question. We offer competitive prices, and our products are equal to or better in quality than what you’ll find at the finest jewelry stores.

The Diamonds We Sell

canary yellow diamond ringDiamonds by Lauren selects only the most desirable and and well-cut diamonds. We carry loose diamonds and diamond jewelry in virtually every fancy shape and color. Our specialty is in fancy colored diamonds, including yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, brown diamonds, blue and even green diamonds.

About Our Founder

From David F., founder of Diamonds by Lauren

In the 1970's Harry Winston actually had a program where they'd hire young people, and train them to grade diamonds- this supplied them with a highly trained workforce, familiar with thier grading standards. All the students came directly from referrals.

As luck would have it, my mom worked there, so I got the interview. I remember I got a suit- a Brown corduroy suit, and a haircut. I got the job. Grading some of the world's finest diamonds 8 hours a day was torture for a 19 year old...well this 19 year old. Good thing I stuck it out, it lead to things I could never have imagined back then

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