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Trust, Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism

"I live in a somewhat rural community that only has basic retail jewelry stores with nothing special to offer, and I don't visit frequently larger, cosmopolitan areas so I took a leap of faith ($6K+) with Diamonds by Lauren after discovering them on the internet. To my delight, David and his team of experts created the most beautiful diamond ring for me. I was overwhelmed when I opened the package. Words that come to mind describing my purchase are trust, honesty, integrity, professionalism and what you see is what you get. I recommend you doing business with them and I know I certainly will again in the future."

---Jennifer E


Lovely Yellow and White Diamond Three Stone Ring

Reviewed Feb 6, 2012 Verified customer of merchant - Click for more info    5/5 stars
I have an oval three stone. The center is yellow and white diamond side stones. I love how delicate the prongs are the overall look is simple dainty and very sweet. Once again a great ring and very friendly service!

---Katherine S

My first experience of internet purchasing went well!

"Buying an engagement ring over the internet was something that was a very scary experience, so myself and my fiancee decided to fly into New York and see the team before we bought the ring, and we were immediately put at ease.

They are based in the diamond centre of NY in a high rise and until you enter the office it's a little intimidating and strange but don't let this put you off!

I paid for the ring whilst I was there but had to travel back to England before the money had cleared and was anxious as to whether I would receive the ring, but within a week the ring had been delivered and they had sorted all the import paperwork.

I would certainly purchase from them again as because they don't have a shop they can offer much cheaper prices for diamonds and we were able to buy something much bigger and nicer than we could have afforded if we had bought it from a shop.

They are a lovely family company and I would recommend them"

---Ben G

Gorgeous yellow diamonds...and expert craftsmanship

"I purchased a pear shape yellow-brownish-green diamond from DBL and then David helped me select the perfect setting. The stone was bezel set in two tone 18 kt yellow gold and platinum with a platinum chain. The total effect is exquisite....sophistocated, sleek and elegant. Everyone at Diamonds By Lauren is friendly, knowledgeable and trust worthy. It is a pleasure to purchase from them, and the quality and workmanship is outstanding."

---Robbie T

Top Notch Knowledge, Communication, and Service - Absolutely Stunning Engagement Ring

I learned about Diamonds by Lauren while trying to learn about diamonds on several internet forums and repeatedly seeing it mentioned as being the top in colored diamond dealers and jewelry fabrication. My girlfriend (and now fiancee) had really liked yellow diamonds at several of the local jewelers we went to but wanted a round cut stone - either the traditional colorless or a yellow diamond.

I had no idea at the time, but round cut yellow diamonds of a carat or larger are extremely rare. However Diamonds by Lauren happened to have a single Old European round cut intense yellow diamond that looked fantastic.

Diamonds by Lauren had amazingly close-up pictures from multiple angles and lighting situations in addition to video of the stone - this allowed me to see every facet of it.

Obviously making my first large jewelry purchase via internet sight unseen was a little nerve racking. However David Friedlander could not have been more reassuring and helpful when communicating both over the phone and via email. He had excellent recommendations for designing a custom ring to match the stone and my fiancee's desires.

My fiancee LOVES the ring - it is truly stunning. I can't tell you how many friends of hers have held up my fiancee's hand ogling the ring and commented "that's the most beautiful engagement ring I've ever seen."

To sum it up I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Diamonds by Lauren. David and his staff are wonderful, and their products speak for themselves. You also know you're getting a stone exactly as described and with the accompanying grading certificate (in my case GIA which I believe is the only one David trusts and uses).

Additionally he made it very clear throughout the process that if there was anything I was dissatisfied with about the ring that he would correct it or refund my money 100%, no questions asked. Read all of the other reviews of Diamonds by Lauren on the web - they all say the same thing. Stellar diamond dealer/jeweler.

--John B